New Trends For Man Braids Hairstyles 2017

We were just getting used to hottest male bun hairstyles, when all of a sudden a new trend emerges into fashion world. We are talking about man braids hairstyles 2017. Actually, the trend has always been there, and occasionally we could spot men with some plaited strands, but it never went viral. However, since the glorious "Vikings" series came out showing off fierce braided hair ideas for men, the trend went crazy! And we love it! We see braids on short hair when only the front part is braided, the pompadour. Or on long hair, when we see all the mane plaited into a solid braid. Or more often we see various braided strands that end up in ponytails all together. However, the most impressive of all is perhaps the cornrows style ending in buns and top knots. It is a combination of the two hottest trends for men's hairstyles.  The whole web is full of men pictures boasting their new braids. I have gathered some of the juiciest looks here in this post.

Braided hair ideas for short haired men

short hair braids for men 2017
male bob cuts with braids

male braided mohawk hairstyles 2017
braided faux hawk

If you have short hair, it doesn't mean that the brand new trends are not for you. Actually, you short cut can still be a base for creating amazing braided hair designs. Well, all you need is to have the front part slightly longer, like quiff or pompadour. Indeed, here you can already manipulate with tresses and style them as you wish.

Top knots and man braids hairstyles 2017

braids into bun mens hairstyles 2017
front braid

male braids into bun hairstyles 2017
side braid into bun

male cornrow braids 2017
cornrows into top knots for men

Here we go to see the most astounding braided styles for men. Seems, that cornrows really rock both on black and white guys. And there is no reason why you shouldn't try them. Obviously, you will get a fiery combination - shaved sides, cornrows that end in a top knot. Hardly you can find any look sexier. Well, maybe only long viking braids.

Viking braids hairstyles for men

viking braids hairstyles for men 2017
long hair braids

tiny men braids hairstyles 2017
single braid styles

viking braids 2017 hairstyles
male viking braids

Long hairstyles for men have never looked more sexy and appealing than now. Actually, the messy braids, the fierce side cornrows, the overall untidy look will define the main trends for guys this season. In a word, man braids hairstyles 2017 need to find their place in you plans for the flamy next look for spring and summer seasons.


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