Adorable 5 Strand Braid Hairstyles In Easy Way

Amazing look with easy-to-do braiding technique!

Ladies with long thick hair will agree with me that braids hairstyles are their beloved companions. Indeed, plaits are extremely versatile representing the widest range from simple twists to the most complicated designs. Actually, various plaits can be used with various length. For example tiny side French braid is possible even on bib haircuts and even on pixie cuts. However, there are some astounding braided looks that can be realized on significant length only. One of such looks is done on the base of 5 strand braid hairstyles. Yes, instead of traditional three strands, there will be 5 here and you will create a kind of canvas with the strands intricately merging with each other.

At first sights it seems incredibly difficult to create such fascinating braids hairstyles. But step by step guide will provide you with the easiest techniques to obtain the necessary skills.

Side braids with 5 strand technique

side five strand braid

solid braids for thick hair

As any other braid, this unique style can also have variations. A simple braided pony, or a romantic side braids is purely your decision in this case. Just mind the steps. So first of all brush your tresses thoroughly, if you want to create a polished braid. And on the contrary leave hair messy, if you want to achieve messy braid. Then separate hair into 5 strands of equal thickness. Depending on what kind of plait you want, you can fix hair into a pony first or pull to one side.

Impressive 5 strand braid hairstyles for thick hair

cute big braid

five strand low braid into ponytail

Once you have separated the strands, you start to go with the 5 strand braid. To make it easier you can give numbering to the strands, and start with the left one, let's call it Number 1. Mind that it should ago above the second strand and below the third. And this way you move on until you get to the right end strand. Actually, when you get used yo it, no numbering will be needed, but at the beginning this tip can be useful.

Inspiring intricate braided hairstyles for long hair

side braid from five strands

five strand braid into low bun

pastel hair colors with 5 strand plait

Now you know how to create a five strand braid, that at first sight seems to be one of the most complicated hairstyles ever. In reality, it is just a technique hat you can easily adopt and follow in you daily styling procedures.

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