All The Best Celebrity Top Knots Hairstyles Ideas

Looking at the picture above you can assume that we are going to talk about all shades of red lipstick that are oh so popular right now. Well, yes the red lips are meant for everybody you just need to find the right tone. But what we are going to discuss are the effortless celebrity top knots hairstyles. They are so fancy that we can hardly pass by. Besides looking astounding, they are easy to create that makes top knots ideal spring and summer season hairstyles. Really, who wants to spend hours styling when it is sunny outside and all the summer adventures are awaiting? I bet nobody, that is why I suggest practicing the styling of funny buns and casual knots already now. Thus, soon you will proficient enough to recreate celebrity updos that are casual and also elegant enough to appear on fashion shows and red carpets. Here we go now!

Messy relaxed top knots

Hailey Baldwin top knots hairstyles
Hailey Baldwin celebrity top knots hairstyles

Janet Montgomery top knots hairstyles
Janet Montgomery messy bun

Karlie Kloss top knots hairstyles
Karlie Kloss high knots

What you are obliged to know is that looking casual is in fashion! Even the most elegant looks are accompanied with loose hair looks - bed head styles with some strands left out. Well, when some of your hair softly frames face, reluctantly rolling down the neck, sure you get a sensual style that will fit anything. Above celebrity top knots prove that style being extra trendy.

Higher into the sky celebrity top knots hairstyles

Gigi Hadid top knots hairstyles
Gigi Hadid top knots

Kendall Jenner top knots hairstyles
Kendall Jenner updos

Priyanka Chopra top knots hairstyles
Priyanka Chopra knot hairstyle

Actually, there is some reason why knots are called to - they are high. Besides, modern trends support all sky high styles, be it high bouffant or extra high ponytails. As for knots, really make sure to create it on the very top like celebrity top knots hairstyles in the pictures above. By the way, there is that curious style of faux bangs usually styled with knots. The idea is that you make the knot but do not fix the ends as always. Instead you bring them to your forehead and fix in fringes. Suddenly, you come to rock bangs!

Sumo knots hair ideas

Chrissy Teigen top knots hairstyles
Chrissy Teigen

Jessica Alba top knots hairstyles
Jessica Alba sumo knot

Several season have passed away since we first witnessed Carolina Herrera sumo knots hairstyles. But they are still present and popular. Very slicked, very tight, very high - these are the styles that can make you glam once you have the right make up and maybe that very red lipstick.



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