Fantastically Romantic Low Bun Wedding Hairstyles 2017

Look fabulous on your wed day with greatest low chignons!

Any bride wants her wedding to be ideal. The ceremony, the spirits, the wed style and every single detail should be well thought and planned. One of the most significant decisions is for sure the dress. It determines your mood, your vision and it underlines your beauty on this unique day of your life. However, it is not only about the dress. Bridal hair looks is what you need to plan as thoroughly as anything else. Modern hairstyles keep being on the side of the most casual looks. In any case, wedding is a very special event, so looking casual is not what you need. Fantastically romantic low bun wedding hairstyles 2017 are what you need. Low chignons will make you look womanly and delicate. They will convert you into a princess. Above all, they are versatile. I mean you can choose perfectly polished ones for a modest and strict bride's look. Or go for romance and curls and braids.

The various ways to style you chignon are represented below, so let's just move on.

Bridal low buns with jewel hair pieces

bridal low bun with precious stones headband

refined low buns for brides

By the way, for wedding jewels are never out of place. Even though low buns are very nice and impressive, you can always update them with hair accessories. Of course, they can be natural flowers, especially if it is summer. However, for autumn and winter wedding jewel headbands and tiny pieces will look very nice.

Rolled low bun wedding hairstyles 2017

rolled low buns for brides

wedding low chignon

intricate low buns for wedding

Rolled low chignons are perhaps the classiest looks among other styles. Each strand of your tresses is rolled and wrapped around the other, until the bun is actually styled. Indeed, it creates a curly effect. Thus, you are obtaining look full of romance. This option is gorgeous on its own and in many cases hair stylist do not add any accessories to such designs. They are very rich without add-ons.

Wedding braids and buns

wedding braids

Low bun wedding hairstyles 2017 represent this cute style with braids and buns fused into each other. By the way, one plait can come from one side, the other can wrap around the bun. The ideas can be of very wide range. With braids it is always just a matter of imagination.

Polished bridal low chignons

neat black low chignons for all brides

Depending on your wed ceremony style, the hair will vary. Thereby, for modest European style weds the well combed and slicked buns will be a good choice.


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